There are many instances when you might need some form of plinth retaining on your property. Metric Fencing offers our very own brand of durable, high-quality plinths called AliRetain. There is a multitude of reasons as to why AliRetain could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Most often, when two neighbouring properties have height variations some form of retaining is necessary along the fence line to hold in soil from the property with higher ground. AliRetain plinths can also be used purely for aesthetic reasons to cover up unsightly gaps in fences and improve the look of your yard or even give you more privacy.

AliRetain plinths are fabricated with non-combustible material so they can even offer some fire resistance if bushfires occur near your property. They are also great for keeping out snakes and other critters who could slither under your fence. This is great for properties with kids and pets who are regularly outside, especially in the warmer months. It’s also perfect for keeping garden beds safe and untouched. Not only does it stop animals from entering your yard it also slows the growth of weeds and prevents rubbish and extra soil from flowing into your property under your fence line.

red lower fence - AliRetain Fencing Plinths

Metric Fencing’s AliRetain is the perfect retaining solution that can be easily integrated into colorbond fencing or used as a low-level retaining system on a stand-alone basis. AliRetain is Metric Fencing’s modern solution to the traditional fencing plinth. We have utilised modern materials, namely aluminium, to create a tough, durable and corrosive resistant product that will last the test of time. Why use steel, wood, or masonry products for fencing related retaining when corrosion-resistant aluminium can be used?

AliRetain was initially designed as a plinth retaining system for the bottom of colorbond panels, and for this reason, we stock them to suit the 2400 and 3150 colorbond panel lengths, in 20 different Colorbond colours. Since then, AliRetain has been used in a range of additional retaining systems including garden beds and other applications.

If you require a modern look retaining option that will last the test of time feel free to contact Metric Fencing or visit our fencing and gate warehouse in Maddington to view our complete range of plinths and AliRetain.