Colorbond Fencing Perth

  • Colorbond

Strong, attractive and easy to install, Colorbond Fencing offers excellent privacy and security for homes and commercial premises.

Colorbond fencing from Metric Fencing & Gates has successfully been used by contractors, builders, and home owners for its visual appeal, durability, and the privacy and security it offers.

Our Colorbond Steel Fencing product is pressed into two distinct profiles.

  • Traditional – modernised with sharp lines
  • Balanced – smooth undulating waveform that is identical when viewed from either side of the fence




At Metric Fencing Perth, we have a wide range of Colorbond Fencing colours available to choose from. The colours we stock are:

Standard Colorbond Fencing Colour Range

Colorbond Surfmist Colour Swatch

Colorbond Domain Colour Swatch

Colorbond Harvest Colour Swatch

Colorbond Paperbark Colour Swatch

Colorbond Evening Haze Colour Swatch

Colorbond DuneColour Swatch

Colorbond Riversand Colour Swatch

Colorbond Jasper Colour Swatch

Colorbond Bushland Colour Swatch

Colorbond Pale Eucalypt Colour Swatch

Colorbond Wilderness Colour Swatch

Colorbond Cottage Green Colour Swatch

Colorbond Shale Grey Colour Swatch

Colorbond Windspray Colour Swatch

Colorbond Basalt Colour Swatch

Colorbond Woodland Grey Colour Swatch

Colorbond Deep Ocean Colour Swatch

Colorbond Ironstone Colour Swatch

Colorbond Monument Colour Swatch

Colorbond Manor Red Colour Swatch

Colorbond Night Sky Colour Swatch

Please phone to confirm colour availability


Colorbond fencing comes with a ten-year guarantee of performance and once installed needs very little maintenance. It is environmentally friendly too, being made mostly of recyclable material. Colorbond fencing offers remarkable privacy with a seamless pattern and no gaps.

Thousands of our Colorbond fencing and gates have been installed across Perth and the surrounding areas, in residential, commercial, and government properties.

With the significant experience and knowledge we’ve gathered along the way, our expert team at Metric Fencing & Gates is always on hand to offer you sound advice and useful tips that could help you make a better or more informed decision.

Using Colorbond fencing, Perth we work quickly and efficiently to understand your fencing requirement and deliver on your orders.

Call our Colorbond fencing contractors today to know more about Colorbond and other products, and find out the best fencing solution for your project or for some expert advice on fencing and gates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does colorbond fencing cost?

The price of Colorbond fencing depends on the height of the fencing and the height of the posts. Due to recent price movements please contact the office and we will be able to provide accurate up-to-date pricing over the phone.

Is colorbond fencing expensive?

Compared to other fencing options,  Colorbond fencing is by far the cheapest and quickest to install and also can last longer than other types depending on location.

Is colorbond fencing cheaper than timber?

Colorbond fencing is significantly cheaper, longer lasting and with less maintenance than timber fencing.

What height does colorbond fencing come in?

Colorbond fencing comes standard in 1800mm and 2100mm high. Metric Fencing can also supply other heights by request.