Aluminium Slat Fencing

  • aluminium slat fencing installed in backyard

Aluminium Slat Fencing has wood-like features, yet without the disadvantages of real wood,

Metwood Aluminium slat fencing is an excellent alternative product for fencing and gates. It has become the preferred choice of many a house or property owner, contractor and designer.

At Metric Fencing we manufacture fencing and gates made of this innovative and durable material, which could last far beyond the life of wood.

Here’s a comparison of Traditional Wood vs Metwood Aluminium slat fencing which explains why it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for fencing:

Termites, warping, rottingRots, can be affected by termites, and can warpNo Rotting, not affected by termites, and cant warp
Long lastingAs long as wood canCan last for decades
WeightHeavyLight weight
InstallationNot so easyEasily installed
Suitability for harsh Australian weatherNot really suitable for our harsh weatherMade to withstand our harsh Australian weather
Fire safetyNot fire safeFire safe
Suitability for seaside locationsCould warp and deteriorate in seaside locationsDoesn’t matter, seaside or not
ColoursLimited to the wood you chooseAvailable in colours of wood
Care and MaintenanceHigh maintenanceLow maintenance, mostly just a hose-down
PriceDepends on the wood you chooseCompared to the benefits it offers, it’s a very good price
GuaranteeNo guarantee10 year guarantee

Aluminium Slats Colour Range

Innovative and low maintenance, Metwood aluminium slat fencing combines the good looks of wood with the toughness and low maintenance of metal.

With thousands of our Metwood aluminium slat fencing and gates installed across Perth and the surrounding areas, our team at Metric Fencing & Gates have gained valuable experience and knowledge of the product that we’re happy to share to share with our customers. Our expert team is always on hand to offer you sound advice and useful tips that could help you make a better, or more informed decision.

We work quickly and efficiently to understand your requirement and deliver on your order.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our Metwood aluminium slat fencing and gates, to know about our other fencing and gates or to place an order for Metwood aluminium slat fencing and gates.