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Whether you need new fencing for a residential or commercial property, fencing can be a necessary but costly investment. You don’t want to be left in limbo, waiting for fencing panels that never arrive or fail to meet their expected quality. 

It’s essential to ensure that you’ve got complete confidence in whichever fencing supplier you choose to work with.

Key Qualities To Look For In Your Fencing Supplier

While price is a large part of any transaction, when looking for a fencing supplier, it is better to first assess their capabilities and reliability before considering the cost. The unique requirements of each property and fence ensure that pricing will more than likely necessitate a quoting process, which makes it a much less reliable factor when initially vetting suppliers. Essential qualities to consider include: 

  • Quality Fencing Materials: Ensure the fencing supplier offers high-quality materials, such as Colorbond Fencing, that can meet your requirements. 
  • Services: The supplier should state their capability service like what you are ideally seeking and include some evidence of past work, such as through a gallery of completed works.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Reviews are one of the best ways to assess the reputation of a supplier and confirm their legitimacy. The more high-quality reviews, the better. 
  • Service and Support: When you contact a fencing supplier, assess the standard of their support and communication. If it doesn’t feel right, consider another option.   

And, of course, ensure that the fencing supplier can meet your specific needs. If you need a particular type of gate or fence, ensure the fencing supplier provides that service. Or, if particularly niche, confirm that they offer a service such as steel fabrication to meet your needs.

Vetting Your Fencing Supplier

Your first introduction to any particular fencing supplier will likely be through their website, social media, an aggregator site or word of mouth. No matter how you find them, their website will likely be the ideal starting point to learn about their offerings.

Through their website, you should be able to confirm what materials they use and the services they specialise in and form initial thoughts about the professionalism and capability of the fencing supplier. Many will also highlight the quality of their reviews on their website, either on the homepage or a testimonials page. For a more complete view, you can also visit the fencing supplier’s Google Maps listing or their reviews on social media. 

Once you’ve decided on a supplier, the contact process will allow you to validate if the fencing supplier matches your expectations prior to putting pen to paper.

What Metric Fencing Can Do For You

Metric Fencing is one of Perth’s leading metal fencing suppliers. We have been manufacturing and supplying fencing and gates to contractors, builders, and project managers, as well as directly to customers for self-installation, for over 30 years.

We can provide a wide variety of steel fencing solutions manufactured from high-quality materials such as Colorbond Fencing or Aluminium Slat Fencing to ensure a quality build. If you’re looking for a metal fencing solution not advertised, our custom fabrication services ensure we are well-placed to meet your needs.Contact our team today for all your metal fencing supply needs in Perth and Western Australia.