If you are considering installing a side gate for your new home – a gate that is located on the side of your home or property – but are not sure it is worth it or not, let us assist you in your decision! Here are four reasons why we think it’s a great idea:


  1. Safety and security for your family

Keeping our families and belongings safe is something always on our minds. With a brand-new gate in Perth, you can rest assured that your young children will not be running out onto the road or elsewhere when you are not looking. A locked side gate may also prevent someone from entering your backyard and taking your belongings.


  1. Confine your pet

Gates and fences are crucial for dog owners. Firstly, dogs of any size or breed can become aggressive when defending their territory. Even the friendliest dog may guard the areas on or around its property and may do so during the hours when you are not home. However, with the quality and durable metal gates installed by Metric Fencing, you can be confident that your dogs will not be able to crawl under, through or break them down during the times when you are not at home.


  1. More privacy

Installing a new side gate is a good investment if privacy is important to you and your family. At Metric Fencing, we install slatted gates, Colorbond gates, garden gates and others that enable air to flow through but stop nosy neighbours and people passing by from looking into your home and backyard.


  1. Increase the value of your property and save you money

A side gate could help to increase the value of your home if you want to sell it in the future. A gate is an important feature that could attract potential buyers due to its aesthetic appeal as well as functional benefits. They could also save you money as insurance companies can sometimes lower insurance premiums on the property when you have a security gate installed. This is because of the additional security and burglary deterrence these gates can provide.


How we can help

At Metric Fencing & Gates, we supply gates in Perth in all different styles, sizes and materials – from electric gates, steel gates, swing gates and more! Have a particular gate design or style in mind? We can make custom gates to your specification and ones that can complement your new or existing fencing. Need some inspiration? Feel free to browse our gallery. The results speak for themselves!

We also stock a large selection of accessories to facilitate the installation of gates. This includes rollers and sliding gate wheels, fitting accessories and gate latches and locks. Want to find out more? Give us a call on (08) 9493 3808 or email info@metricfencing.com.au today, we’re always happy to help!