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Commercial fencing is an important feature for many businesses to consider installing. Below are some of the advantages of commercial fencing in Perth.


The primary benefit of installing a commercial fence is the additional security it provides for commercial sites and buildings. A correctly sized and sturdy fence reduces the potential of break-ins at your commercial property. The potential for having to pay for damage to your property is also significantly reduced when a suitable commercial fence is installed. Installing fencing and gates on your property means you can implement access control on your property. Garrison fencing is the perfect choice of security fence because of its simple yet effective welded steel design.



Solid steel or slat fencing can help conceal the view of your business from street view. This is ideal for hiding your business’ equipment and storage and reducing the chance of vandalism or stealing. The added privacy of a commercial fence is appreciated by employees and clients alike as it decreases potential outside disturbances affecting your business. Well-crafted fences reduce unwanted views into your commercial property while still allowing air and light to pass through.


Improve Appearance

A quality commercial fence not only provides a business with security and privacy functionality but is also able to enhance its appeal. This is especially relevant when it comes to industrial properties as correctly installed industrial fencing is capable of hiding garbage areas, storage space and equipment yards to provide a cleaner look to your property.


Increased Property Value

A new commercial fence can create a great first impression for customers and potential buyers of your business. Well-designed commercial fencing’s ability to provide a property with added security and an improved look can additionally raise the value of your commercial property. A commercial fencing installation is a simple addition but it can take your property to another level.


Here at Metric Fencing, we supply high-quality commercial fencing in a variety of designs and requirements for commercial businesses both large and small. 

Our commercial fencing products are custom designed to suit the requirements of your business. This allows us to collaborate with our clients to combine your ideas with our expertise to create and supply you with a standout commercial fencing solution. We stay updated on new fencing designs so we can provide your industrial property or commercial business with the best possible commercial fencing with quality materials. 

In addition to designing your business’ fencing, Metric Fencing can also provide your property with automatic commercial gates, with either sliding or swing opening functions. We’ve supplied our tough and visually appealing fencing to many industrial properties, small businesses, building companies and commercial properties.

For all our non-Perth metro clients, Metric Fencing offers a supply-only service where we can manufacture custom DIY kits for your commercial fencing and gates. As well as supplying the fencing we can provide detail on how to install the fencing and gates to a trade level. We can pack and wrap our commercial fencing products for country freight on request as well.

If you have any questions about our commercial fencing designs, contact us today to find out more.