There are a number of reasons why people choose to install security fencing for their homes or commercial properties, with the most obvious being the added security measure it offers. With the wide variety of fencing designs on the market, it can be difficult to decide whether security fencing is the best choice of fencing for your needs.

Most fence designs come with security and aesthetic benefits but security fences are specifically designed with the protection of your home and business in mind. Security fencing is usually made from either steel or aluminium and can sometimes include fence spears on top for added security and visual appeal.

We’ve identified a few of the advantages that come with installing security fencing at your house or commercial property.


Added Security

Private property requires protection, especially when it comes to a residence with family or valuable possessions. The primary advantage of a security fence is its ability to create an additional physical barrier between your property and the outside world. Security fencing is especially important for a commercial property to provide protection after hours. A security fence’s sturdy qualities make it a simple yet effective security measure.


Vandalism Deterrent

Vandalism including graffiti and property damage is a common problem for many commercial properties and public spaces. Designing and positioning security fencing correctly can make it nearly impossible for vandals to cause damage to the exterior of your property. Security fencing both works as additional protection and an effective deterrent for vandals and graffiti artists. The simple addition of a security fence can save you greatly in vandalism costs.


Improved Appearance

In addition to its protective qualities, a well-designed security fence can also enhance your home and business’ overall style and appeal. The variety of security fence designs available means that there’s a style of fence to match any property. Security fencing can be made in a variety of colours and fencing styles. The top of security fences can also include fence spears that add both to the protective quality of the fence as well as its aesthetic appeal.


At Metric Fencing, we offer a wide selection of ready-made security fencing designs. Our fabrication team are experts when it comes to home security fencing and work to transform steel into sturdy yet visually appealing security fencing to complement your residential or commercial property. If you have ideas in mind for your property’s fencing design, we can work with you to provide a custom-made and reliable security fence to suit your requirements.

Our security fencing is constructed to high standards using premium materials that resist rust and perform well in the harsh sun and rain of the Australian climate. With their quality combination of protection, safety and style, our security fences have been installed across numerous properties in Perth and the surrounding area.

For all our clients living outside of the Perth metro area and regional WA, we offer a supply only service where we can manufacture custom DIY kits for fencing and gates. The Metric Fencing team are also here to assist when it comes to providing information on how to safely install fencing and gates.

Contact us today for a free quote, to know more about our security fencing designs and products, or for some advice.