Selecting the right side gate for your home can enhance not only the aesthetics of your property but the security and functionality. Accomplished by understanding the requirements of your property and what you’d like to achieve with a new side gate.

Typically a side gate would come in the form of a swing gate due to the often limited spaces in which side gates are installed. But in the right situation (or with a little ingenuity) could still take the form of a sliding gate.

Additionally certain applications may require more security than others. Resulting in more intensive locking mechanisms than a simple gate latch. Though, this is something that can be applied to any of the gate styles below.


Colorbond sheets come in one of two styles: Traditional and Balanced. The traditional colorbond style is all about accentuating each panel with sharp lines. The balanced style, however, is known for the panel’s smooth undulating waves.

Colorbond gates are great options for those seeking maximum privacy. The solid sheets don’t provide visible gaps, or handholds. Allowing you to be confident knowing that passersby won’t be able to see into your property through the gate.

With over 22 distinct colours, there will be a colorbond gate to complement your property. 

Slat Panelled

Slat panelled gates, known for their horizontal slats, aim to replicate a wooden aesthetic, but by no means needs to be made of wood. Aluminium or steel are ideal substitutes. The panels themselves come in several spacings, so you can select the spacing that works for you.

If privacy is a concern, you can opt for a narrower spacing and/or angled slats that will obstruct vision but maintain the distinct definition of each panel. Slightly wider spacings highlight the gaps between the panels for a different aesthetic.

If you already have slat panel fences at your property and you don’t have a specific privacy goal in mind, it might make sense to replicate the look and feel of the fence with the side gate. 


Tubular gates are ideal for when you need to form a physical boundary but still want to show off a feature behind the gate, such as a garden, pool or other highlight of the property. Visually, tubular gates typically have simple metal tubes or pickets spaced along the gate. A clean, minimalist design. 

In terms of privacy and security, the gate still forms a physical barrier, but it doesn’t prevent sight. The gate can still have heightened security measures and locks to prevent access, but whatever is behind the gate will not be hidden. 

There is a reason tubular fencing is such a popular decorative option.


Or if the standard range of gates isn’t for you, consider a custom design. At Metric Fencing, our team fabricates a wide range of steel products, not just gates, including ute canopies, spa covers and storage racks. 

We have the experience and skills to design and create a contemporary fencing option styled just for you. A side gate solution that will match your goals and requirements. 

The aim of a custom gate is to be whatever you need it to be!

Metric Fencing, are wholesale fencing suppliers with over 30 years of experience. Contact us for any of your gate supply and fencing needs.