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While automatic gates are a convenient security solution for your home. Just like a car or most things mechanical with moving parts, it requires proper regular maintenance to ensure it keeps operating at 100%.  

Most of these tasks are simple and easy to do yourself. But others may require a specialist for your safety.


To help ensure your gate maintains its lustre. It needs to be cleaned. Colorbond and Aluminium gates should be hosed down, and any cobwebs or dirt wiped away. This should happen once every six months but more frequently if living near the coast. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt and grime on the fence so that it looks better for longer and prevents damage caused by the buildup of these substances.


It’s important to lubricate the hinges or sliding track of your automatic gate where the opening and closing of the gate are likely to generate the most frequent friction. Like with cleaning, this lubrication should be completed every six months. 

Depending on your gate’s type of automation, this could include the lubrication of chains and rollers. Using lubricant to reduce friction can reduce the wear on these parts, helping improve their longevity.


By inspecting your gate and the connections between its components, you can identify possible problems before they cause your electric gate to grind to a halt. Possible elements to inspect could include:

  • The alignment of swing gates.
  • The sliding track of sliding gates to ensure it is free of obstruction.
  • That the screws remain tight.
  • Key areas, like pivot points and bearings, are free of damage.
  • The connection between the motor and gear racking.
  • The gate motor casing to ensure it is free of debris, vermin and ants.
  • That all electrical connections are correct and have not been compromised. Such as frayed or exposed wiring.
  • The safety features of your gate. Depending on the style of the automatic gate, there will be different features to prevent the gate from closing on objects or people in its path.
  • The backup battery, if your gate includes one. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery maintenance to ensure that they are in working order if/when needed.

Calling a Professional

If you identify a problem with your gate that you aren’t equipped to fix, be sure to contact a specialist. Especially if you suspect a problem with the motor or any of the electrical connections for your electric gate. Put your safety first when handling electricity by leaving it to a professional.

While Metric Fencing does not service motors and automation, our preferred automation subcontractors are able to work with you for all your automatic servicing requirements.

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