Aluminium Slat Fencing is an ideal addition to the contemporary Australian home. 

Slat panel fencing perfectly aligns with the simple geometric shapes currently popular in modern homes and is the logical evolution from wooden slat fences. Aluminium slat fencing holds several advantages over wooden alternatives and has a range of colours to fit flexibly within contemporary designs.

The Contemporary Home

Contemporary homes use simple geometric shapes and a combination of materials to pop by highlighting the contrast in colour tones between their materials. Many contemporary homes pair neutral tones with more richly-coloured ones. These homes may utilise the breadth of building materials available, including bricks, metals, glass and wood. 

Another growing focus in contemporary architecture is a focus on sustainability. As environmental concerns have grown globally, so has a focus on easily recyclable materials. Materials such as aluminium and steel are highly recoverable. These metals can be recycled repeatedly without a loss in quality. Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy it takes to manufacture new aluminium products from bauxite ore.

Aluminium Slat Fencing and The Contemporary Home

Aluminium slat fencing is a perfect fit for the contemporary home, being the logical evolution from wooden slat fencing. It is suitable for both the neutral and bold elements of the modern home. Aluminium slat panels are available in several colours and styles, with some simulating wood, enabling its varied use.

The Metwood aluminium that Metric Fencing uses to manufacture slat panel fences includes neutral tone options like Cream and Nightsky, as well as rich Bushcherry and Jarrah for striking colour combinations.

The Benefits of Aluminium Slat Fencing

As part of their focus on simplicity, contemporary homes accentuate functionality, another excellent reason to choose aluminium fencing.

Aluminium slat panel fencing is much more practical than its wooden equivalents, with several advantages over wood, including:

  • Much more durable than wood
  • Aluminium slat panels are fire-safe, unlike wood
  • Lower maintenance time and cost compared to wood
  • Aluminium slat panels come in metal and wood-like finishes to ensure the best of both worlds
  • Aluminium is a highly recoverable material
  • Aluminium fencing has a much longer projected lifespan

The Metwood aluminium that Metric Fencing uses to manufacture fencing and gates combines the good looks of wood with the toughness of metal and is made to withstand harsh Australian weather.

As a leading Perth fencing company, Metric Fencing provides a range of high-quality metal fencing solutions, including aluminium slat panel fences. Get in touch today for all your aluminium fencing needs.