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Aluminium slat panel fences are increasing in popularity as a great alternative to traditional wood slatted fence panels. Metric Fencing has supplied many slatted fence panels at residential areas across Perth and the surrounding areas so we’ve collected some of the benefits of this fencing system. This blog can assist you to decide whether aluminium slat fencing is the ideal type of fencing for your home. 


What is Slat Panel Fencing?

Slat fencing is a modern fencing design consisting of several parallel boards. Slat fencing is ideal for forming external fences surrounding homes and businesses or as internal partitioning of outdoor space.

The slat panel fence design has become the preferred fence choice for many homeowners contractors and designers because of its ability to add security and street appeal to a property. Aluminium slat fencing panels are a great alternative to cedar slatted fence panels as they have the characteristics of real wood but with none of the drawbacks. Here are a few of the benefits of using Aluminium Slat Panel Fencing for your home or commercial property:


Resilient and Durable:

A lot of the added benefits gained from using aluminium slat fencing come from the properties of the aluminium metal used. Here at Metric Fencing, we manufacture Metwood Aluminium slat fencing and gates that outlast wood fencing significantly.

Metwood Aluminium fencing doesn’t warp like traditional wood and doesn’t have the potential for rotting or termite infestation. We have designed the slat panels to be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate and seaside locations where wooden slat panels have the potential to deteriorate. Our slatted fence panels are also fire safe, making them perfect for rural and remote properties as well as urban ones.


Low Maintenance and Low Cost:

The aluminium slat panel’s durability comes with the additional benefit of making slat fencing low maintenance and cheap to install and maintain. The aluminium panels can be cleaned with a simple hose-down with water. Its ability to last decades also means that you won’t need to repair and replace the slat fencing anytime soon. The pricing of aluminium slat panel fencing manufacturing and installation is extremely cost-effective when considering the benefits and durability.

DIY Options For Rural Customers:

Here at Metric Fencing, we’re aware that many homeowners are capable of conducting home improvements without the need for a contractor. This is why we supply aluminium slat fencing do-it-yourself kits for rural-based customers. The slat fencing has precision-made parts with straightforward instructions and can save you significantly in installation costs.


Spoilt for Choice:

Metwood Aluminium slat fencing comes in a wide range of colours. You can keep the aluminium metal finish or there are several options for wood-like finishes if you would prefer to keep the wood-like characteristics of your fencing without the disadvantages of traditional wood. Our Metwood colour range allows aluminium slat fencing to be an extremely versatile fencing system suitable for most homes and businesses.

Metric Fencing has manufactured and supplied its Metwood Aluminium slat panel fencing to many homes and businesses across the Perth region and surrounding areas. If you are interested in installing slat panel fencing at your residence or commercial property, we’d be happy to help you place an order and refer you to one of our trade suppliers for installation enquiries.