In recent years, electric gates, otherwise known as automatic gates, have become a popular choice for many residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Western Australia.

If you are considering installing an electric gate at your property, but are unsure if it’s worth it or not, let us help you! Below are some reasons to consider installing an electric gate in Perth:



Electric gates can help to restrict unwanted entry into your property – whether it be unsolicited visitors or animals like foxes, feral cats, or kangaroos if you are in a rural location. Electric gates can also prevent young children and pets from running out onto the road whilst adults are not supervising.



If you are looking to secure your property from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours or people passing by, then an electric gate and fence might be suitable for you. Many electric gates these days come in stylish, slatted designs to allow air and light to flow through, whilst still reducing unwanted views into your property.



Convenience is one of the best advantages of installing an electric gate in Perth. Most of us have probably experienced the annoyance of pulling up to a driveway, getting out of a vehicle to open the front driveway gate, just to have to get back into your vehicle to drive through and then jump out again to close it. Now imagine having to do this in the pouring rain or on a freezing cold morning as well!

With an electric gate installed, however, all you have to do is press a button on a remote control once to open the gate and again to close it behind you.


Curb Appeal

An automatic gate and new fence can help to increase your curb appeal and make an excellent first impression for any guest or potential homebuyers if you decide to sell. A sliding gate offers the ability to add extra storage for cars, caravans and boats on the boundary of cottage and corner blocks. 


Why Contact Metric Fencing & Gates

Here at Metric Fencing & Gates, our team can manufacture a high-quality, custom electric gate that suits the unique requirements of your property. We have plenty of sliding and swing automatic gate styles to choose from  – including white picket fence, aluminium slat, and full security electric gates.

For Perth-based residents, we offer a gate installation service. We also offer DIY sliding kits and can provide installation details and specifications, which is perfect for country-based supply-only clients.

Looking for some inspiration? Feel free to browse or automatic gates gallery. Contact us for a free quote or for some further information on our products and services.