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Commonly partnering masonry fencing, infill panels provide a world of customisation to your fence. Their wide range of available materials, patterns, textures, and colours are the true finishing touch to your fence design.

Infill panels are the non-load-bearing inserts installed between the fence posts above the footing of your fence. They help complement or contrast your fence post and footing preference to emphasise your chosen aesthetic. 

Aluminium slat fencing, Colorbond fencing and Tubular Steel fencing are all common styles of infill panels popular for their long-lasting nature and improved durability and resistance to the elements when compared to wooden slat alternatives.

Aluminium Slat Fencing Panels

Aluminium slat fencing panels are the ideal infill choice for homeowners looking to match the aesthetic of wooden slats with the improved durability of aluminium. 

The Metwood aluminium that Metric Fencing uses in their aluminium fencing is available in wooden tones such as Western Red Cedar or alternatively in tones such as Cream or Ironstone.

Aluminium Slat Fencing improves on its wooden ancestor in several key ways.

  • Aluminium slat fencing is more resilient and durable than wood. It’s impervious to rotting or termites and is fire-safe.
  • It requires less time-intensive and costly maintenance than wood, not requiring yearly oil treatments and repainting every three years.
  • Aluminium has a much longer projected lifespan than wood and is a highly recoverable material.
  • It is light and easy to install, compared to wood.

As the modern evolution of a traditional design, Aluminium slat fencing pairs well with the contemporary home, utilising the simple geometric shapes and contrasting colour tones currently popular in modern homes.

Colorbond Fencing Panels

Colorbond fencing panels can often be the ideal infill panel solution for homeowners looking to maintain the masonry fence post aesthetic around the rear and sides of their residential property.  

While local laws may vary, the fencing separating your residential lot from another residential, commercial, industrial or rural lot often must be non-permeable, preventing vision through the fence. 

Colorbond fencing panels are durable, long-lasting fencing panels perfect for providing your residence with the privacy and security it requires. Available in over 20 colours, there is bound to be a Colorbond fencing panel perfect for complementing your home’s fence posts.

Tubular Aluminium or Steel Fencing

Tubular infill panels are a common choice for homeowners, excelling in their sheer variety of designs available.

Metric Fencing offers 12 standard variations of Tubular fencing styles, with an additional five spear designs to pair with those styles. These can be expanded upon further through steel fabrication

Steel fabrication services, such as Metric’s, provide homeowners with the opportunity for more intricate Tubular designs that better match their intended aesthetic. These designs can then be powder-coated to a colour that complements your fence posts.

Tubular fencing is typically available in aluminium or steel. Due to these materials, it can be much more resistant to the elements than wooden alternatives whilst reducing maintenance requirements. Pairing sophisticated designs with the durability of steel or aluminium.

As a leading wholesale fencing supplier, Metric Fencing has served Perth’s fencing needs for over 30 years. Contact us today for any of your infill panel or metal fencing requirements.