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Metric Fencing has installed thousands of Colorbond fences and gates across Perth and its surrounding areas in recent years, including at residential, industrial and commercial properties. And their popularity is only increasing! Not sure if a Colorbond fence is a good idea? Check out our infographic to discover some great advantages that you should consider:


Highly Durable: Made from official Bluescpe steel, Colorbond fences can withstand sctreme weather conditions such as rain, heat, wind and hail. Additionally, unlike traditional wood fences, Colorbond fences will not rot, warp, flake or be eatan by termites or ther pests. For added peace of mind, all of of Colorbond fences are covered by Bluescope's 10 -year warranty.
Fire Resistant: Fire resistance has become incredibly important in Australia. In 2005 research conducted by the Bushfire CRC and the CSIRO into the performance of residential fences in bushfire [1] found that

If you decide to have colorbond fencing installed, read our other blog on how to clean your colorbond fence.